"drive, he sd, for
christ’s sake, look
out where yr going." --

from "I Know A Man" by Robert Creeley

Peak at my Work

Ever since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed building things. Potato guns, bike ramps, G.I. Joe ziplines, a drip-coffee system, countless web sites and posters. So programming is a natural byproduct from that desire to build. I've been programming for iOS for the past few years, and it's still a great pleasure to see an app you've built on a device. Not only that, but it's also helping someone out.

Below are just a few quick samples of personal projects that I am working on. To see commercial work I have done, please head on over to http://chiselapps.com/


I designed Slovene Declined to help myself study the Slovene language. I designed the user interface with a lot of inspiration from dribbble.com and the help of some beautiful images from flickr.com.

There are a ton of word changes that occur in Slovene. I find the declensions to be the most difficult part to get down pat, so this application is an attempt to solve that problem.

It features a word-completion algorithm that tries to create all of the declensions for you as you add new words. Though, due to highly irregular word changes, it isn't always right. So you also have a chance to edit the declined form.

View in iTunes Store


ShopLISTER has been a bit of a pet project of mine so far. It was inspired by my incredibly practical fiancee. She came up with the idea of an application that compares prices of items.

Again, I designed the color scheme and user interface while borrowing some images from flickr.com. It was a blast to design the sign-up and login page. It has mainly served as a testing ground for new features and animations.

Currently under development.

Photography is the power of observation, not the application of technology. - Ken Rockwell

In 2004 I got my first SLR camera while living in China. I didn't know much about photography, but I knew that it captivated me. What I grew to to discover is that observation is 90% of the enjoyment for me. The actual image is actually an afterthought, a distillation of all the moments spent poring over detail and pacing back and forth noting subtle changes from different perspectives. It's amazing that photography can teach one how to look at things (their color, textures, environment, social context) and try to see something really grand in it.


I also run a blog over at tumblr where I collect my random photographs, rants and technology-related write-ups. Click on the post titles to go visit the posts and see more collected content.


Hi, I'm Mike Thongvanh. Nice to meet you.

I'm currently a U.S. Apple iOS software developer based in Slovenia, but I've worn many hats in the past. I've always been a huge tech-nerd at heart, but I formally got into it while living in China when I began working at 甘果移动 or Ganguo Mobile (formerly 红甘果科技 Hong Ganguo Technology).

I was trained in Linguistics and practiced Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) for many years working in the U.S. with immigrant populations, China and Slovenia.

I also hold a Chinese degree and studied/lived/worked in China for 6 years where in addition to teaching I also worked as a Chinese translator for Map Magazine. I don't get to do it as often as I like anymore, but I still really enjoy reading Chinese literature and translating Chinese poetry.

When I'm not sitting in front of my computer clickin' away, I like to rock climb, listen to music, play guitar and practice brazilian jiu jitsu.